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Welcome to Vanilly!
Simple 1.20 Survival Server
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Vanilly Network Updates: New Beginnings
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Hello fellow Vanillyans!
I just wanted to update you all on the changes you’ve been seeing on Vanilly, just so that you can remember to check out all the cool new things!

With the introduction of a second server, you will be able to use the lobby to choose which server you would like to join. If you’d like to only play on one of our servers, you can do so by changing or adding the new IP’s to directly connect to the server you’re preferring. Survival’s IP’s will be smp.vanillymc.net or survival.vanillymc.net! Lifesteal’s IP will be lifesteal.vanillymc.net!

1.20: Sandy Adventures and Cherry Beginnings
On June 16th, 1.20 came to Vanilly with an expansion of the world border! Expanding from 10k x 10k to 15k x 15k, players will now be able to find the new Cherry Grove biome beyond the original border. Trails and Tales brought us new items like armor trims, a more versatile functionality of bamboo, and hanging signs! Defend yourself from zombies using the new camels found in desert villages or hunt for torchflowers and pitcher plants with the new sniffer mob. Keep in mind that you will only be able to locate the new Trail Ruins structure, archeology additions, and armor trims beyond the original 10k x 10k border. The expansion of the border includes the Nether and End as well, so good luck in your endeavors as you adventure out into unexplored territory!

LifeSteal: Keep your Friends close, but your Enemies closer

Back in April we launched a poll asking our players what other servers they would like to see Vanilly expand to, and the new server has been created! Hop into lifesteal by using [/server lifesteal] in game or by selecting lifesteal in the server menu in the lobby. If you’re new to the idea of lifesteal, it works as follows: every time you defeat a player, you will steal their health, resulting in your gaining more hearts and them losing some.

For some of our more curious players, I’ve broken down a list of frequently asked questions so you can all have a better understanding of the new Lifesteal server!

Vote/Paid Ranks: There will be 20 new vote ranks and 5 new paid ranks to fit the vibe of lifesteal, including different rewards! In terms of vote ranks, your votes will only count on one of the two servers.

World Border: This server will be 30k x 30k with spawn being 38 chunks by 38 chunks (Spawn is a passive area, or safe zone to get items, claim your vote rewards, etc)

Lands: There will be NO Lands claiming, so remember to keep your base and items safe!

Traders: You will notice some of the same traders that you might have seen at the Survival Spawn including Token Trader, Crystal Trader, Item Shop, Blacksmith, and the Traveling Trader. Introducing a new villager, the Auctioneer! You will be able to find it at spawn as well, giving you a new way to list items and sell them to other players!

Prestiging: This is a new feature to everyone, you will kill other players for hearts to be able to prestige using [/prestige]. After every prestige your heart count resets back to 10 hearts before you can prestige again.

Leaderboards: Located at spawn, you will be able to check out leaderboards! These boards track things like deaths, kills, killstreaks, and prestiges!
Deaths: After you have lost all of your hearts, there will be a temp ban placed on your minecraft account, depending on your rank in game, that cooldown could be anywhere between 18 hours to 3 hours.

Tidal Crate: Splashing into Summer
As Pride Month comes to an end, we’ll see the Rainbow crate make its way to its new home in the expired crate area. Starting on July 4th, we’ll have our next crate showcased where the Rainbow crate once was. Making a big splash, we’ve got our new Tidal crate for the month of July! Along with the seasonal crate, check out the Treasure Hunt, explore some of the server towns and locate the 50 beach balls hidden throughout!

Thank you all for your continued support as we continue to try to create and maintain a fun, diverse, and safe environment on Vanilly!

Celebrating June with Pride
Celebrating June with Pride
Hey guys!
It’s been a minute since we’ve updated you all here, but now is a better time than ever to remind you all that we are celebrating Pride month this June!

Pride Month began as a riot, the Stonewall Riots that occurred in New York on...
4 minute read
The Beginning
The Beginning
Hello everyone! We know the server has been up and running for a while now (Coming up on 3 weeks) and we haven't said much of anything. So here's to the first of many posts to come.    We'd like to welcome everyone to Vanilly, we had a great...
1 minute read