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Welcome to Vanilly!
Simple 1.19.2 Survival Server
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The Beginning
2 minute read

Hello everyone!

We know the server has been up and running for a while now (Coming up on 3 weeks) and we haven't said much of anything. So here's to the first of many posts to come. 


We would like to start off by saying that we got inspiration from Magnus  and RobinTheKayOh to start up Vanilly. They hosted Oakheart which many loved, and sadly didn't have more time to keep it alive.

So here we are, we are fully independant from Oakheart, but the spawn is familiar to the ones who had the oppertunity to play on it.

Both Magnus and RobinTheKayOh will be a part of the Staff team here, to help out when needed.


We'd like to welcome everyone to Vanilly, we had a great start and I am happy that you are all here!

This will be a journey for us all.

To be fully transparent, we have plans to spend server budget on advertisements on voting sites to appeal to more people, so there's more people who can enjoy Vanilly as it is today.


We chose to focus on being family friendly, because there's a lot of toxicity in the Minecraft communities, and we would love to be a safe place that people can be themselves! Everyone is accepted here.

Thank you for your time, we will continue to develop as time goes by, so expect a few minor hiccups from time to time.


If you have any feedback or suggestions, don't be scared to suggest stuff on Discord in the suggestions channel.


On a second note, we have a few Staff promotions as well!


Magnus as Admin, he will be helping with backend stuff.

RobinTheKayOh will be a (community) Moderator, to help with Staff applications, interviews and managing the different staff roles.

john13210 becoming a Helper!

Cerys<3 [nesiaq] becoming a Helper!


Happy hunting, don't let the Warden spook you.